By: Addy Saeed

Taco festival and taste of little Italy

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Toronto is blessed with so many street festivals and food festivals that it can be a very daunting task to decide which ones you want to attend.  I had such a dilema last weekend on Sunday which I had decided will be by day off from work.  Working in real estate, you don't get to have many days off so when you do, you tend to try and make the most of it.  I had seen an advertisement on Facebook for Toronto's first Taco Festival which had intrigued me and I had marked as interested.  As the day got closer, more and more of my friends saw that I was interested in the event and decided to get tickets and join me.  We had couple of friends with us and we decided to walk to the event as it was being held at 99 Sudbury which is close to my house in West Queen West.  The weather was nice and the place was packed.  The food was amazing!  We only had complaints about one vendor there who loaded our taco with cabbage; otherwise it was heaven in a box for two hours. 

The tickets for the Taco Festival started from $10 dollars for early birds and I heard they were selling for as high as $20 dollars close to the event date.  The food could be purchased at the event for tickets that were being sold for $2 dollars each.  Taco prices ranged from $4 to $6 depending on which vendor you were at and what type of taco you were purchasing.  We ended up trying out about 6 or 8 different types of taco along with different hot sauces.  The taco below was the chilli chicken taco from Macho Radio Bar that was by far my favourite.  The hot sauce was hot and the meat was very flavourful.  I will be keeping an eye out for the next one as I did have lots of fun with food.   

Since we had stuffed our faces with tacos, it only made sense to walk up to Taste of Little Italy which was being held on College Street between Ossington and Bathurst.  The whole street was closed and converted to a giant pedistrian walk allowing for vendors to setup shop and sell italian and many other ethnic foods including fresh coconuts.  It took us about 40 minutes to walk from Taco Festival to College and after a short walk we ran into our friends on a patio and decided to beat the heat by spending time with them in the shade. 

The weather was very nice and we got to see lots of friend and walk up and down the street while enjoying lots of great food.  This is a side of Toronto that many people in the suburb never get to see.  It's something that I would highly recommend.  There are lots of events that take place in Toronto and you can find a list of 50 best Toronto festivals here.  Just make plans to come down to the city using the TTC and spend the day discovering what our city has to offer.  

I will be attending a wedding in Sudbury this weekend so there won't be much about Toronto posted next week but I will try and post something interesting about Sudbury since I'm there.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend and if there's something that I should check out, please feel free to post about it below.